Lumberjack chicken

chicken breast in wild mushroom sauce baked with cheese, served with fries and salad 29 zł


Chicken in parchment

grilled chicken breast with wegetables, served with potatoes and salad    29 zł


Breaded chicken fillet

served with potatoes and mizeria (fresh cucumber in soure cream)  26 zł


Chicken leg

stuffed with mushrooms, leek and cheese with fried potatoes and salad 26 zł


Traditional SCHABOWY (breaded pork chop)

served with potatoes and sauerkraut with bacon 26 zł

Add an extra portion of fried mushrooms: 4,50 zł

Pork fillet

wrapped in bacon, in wilde mushroom sauce,

served with potatoes and salad 30 zł


Oven baked BBQ ribs

served with fries and salad 32 zł


Grilled pork ribeye steak

served with mushrooms, onion rings,

fries and salad 29 zł


Gypsy pork chop

topped with sausage, vegetables and cheese served with fride potatoes and salad 29 zł


Pork knuckle

served sourekraut cabbage, bread and horseraddish or mustard 35 zł


Classical beef roulade

served with potato dumplings and red cabbage 33 zł


Beef cheeks

stewed in red wine and root vegetables served with potatoes and salad 36 zł


Homemade beef burger

with cheese and bacon, in our own made burger bun, served with fries 32 zł


Vegan burger

in our own made burger bun

with curry sauce and fries 29 zł


Fried fillet of cod

served with sweet potato fries, salad

and tatar sauce 30 zł


Whole trout from the oven

with pinch of herbs, lemon and rock salt

served with fries and salad 30 zł

Handmade Polish dumplings 21 zł

russian style with fried onion

with meat, sprinkled with greaves

with sauerkraut and wild mushrooms

mix of Polish dumplings

I       POLAND (for 2-4 people)

traditional SCHABOWY with mushrooms, chicken shashlik, aromatic sausage with onion, grilled pork ribeye steak, mix of Polish dumplings, two of fried eggs, potato pancakes, potatoes, pickled cucumber and salad 99 zł



Traditional Greek salad

served with garlic plait bread 23 zł


Chicken salad

with orange, sundried tomatoes and sunflower seeds,

served with garlic plait bread 28 zł