Lumberjack chicken

chicken breast in wild mushroom sauce baked with cheese, served with fries and salad 39 zł


Duo of confit duck legs

with pear cooked in red wine, baked potatoes and grilled vegetables 62 zł


Rabbit saddle cooked with vegetables,

served with herby potatoes,

wild mushroom sauce and salad 53 zł


Oven baked BBQ ribs

served with fries and salad 48 zł


Vegetarian burger

of three types of beans, in our own made burger bun,

served with fries 38 zł

I ♥ POLAND 165 zł ( for 2 to 4 people)

Schabowy with mooshrooms, chicken shashlik, grilled sausage, rib-eye steak, handmade Polish dumplings, chicken nuggets, potato pancakes, potatoes, gherkins and salads (slightly longer meal preparation time)